Inspirational Letterpress Journals

Inspirational Letterpress Journals

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Made of 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly soy inks, these 5" x 7" eco-friendly blank journals give you space to dream, be poetic, vent, or doodle. What's more is that 10% of proceeds are donated to the I Have a Dream Foundation, a program that provides mentors to children in under-resourced schools and helps them from elementary through high school as well as providing tuition assistance for college.


    Recycled paper and eco-friendly soy inks

    Product Journey

    These journals are made in New Orleans of 100% recycled paper from French Paper Co. The Niles, Michigan company has created sustainable papers since 1955. The sixth generation, a family owned company, started in 1871 and their U.S. mill has been powered by hydroelectric since 1922, giving surplus electricity to surrounding communities. The eco-friendly soy inks used on the journal are ethically sourced from Osaka, Japan. The letterpress covers are handmade in New Orleans by John Fitzgerald

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