About Us

We Make Shopping Sustainable Simple.

With so many marketing terms and labels, shopping responsibly can be confusing. We have curated products from the most sustainable brands on the market and have designs that are accessible for any budget. We have spent more than a decade researching the sustainable fashion market, finding the best brands available, and hand-picking a collection of products you will love. You can be certain that every product at Good Cloth is designed with consideration for workers, the planet, and consumers. All of our products have small, transparent supply chains so that our well-intentioned designers can fulfill their sustainability missions. 

About the Founder: 


Good Cloth is founded by Stephanie Hepburn, a journalist and the author of Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight. It was during Hepburn's research that she began to vet designers for her own shopping needs and that of her family. She quickly learned that even the best-intentioned larger companies ran into transparency hurdles. A contractor can subcontract and that subcontractor can do the same. Suddenly, there's no transparency and no way to assess how workers are treated throughout the supply chain. This creates an ideal opportunity for human trafficking. Stephanie has spent over a decade researching the sustainable fashion industry, exploring how brands produce their products, and identifying the companies doing it correctly. She launched Good Cloth to help people discover new sustainable brands and support the designers who are truly passionate about creating products sustainably.

Our Philosophy

  • How clothing is made shouldn't be a mystery. We have included product journeys for each item, so that you can decide for yourself if it fits your ethos. The bar at Good Cloth is that each item is made (throughout its supply chain) in a way that is fair to workers and to the environment. Each item must be high quality, because it isn't sustainable if it falls apart.
  • We have the power to end human trafficking. We don't often connect the fashion industry with human trafficking, but exploitation that rises to human trafficking happens when industries are unmonitored or under-monitored, which is often the case in the fashion industry where there is low-cost entry into industrialization of poorer nations across the globe.
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs. The vast majority of the designers in our shop are women because we believe in supporting and elevating women in leadership and entrepreneurial roles. This helps to shift cultural and corporate mindsets and counters implicit bias, the type of bias that is outside an individual’s awareness or control and affects judgment and behavior. At Good Cloth, you vote with your purchasing power for positive change in the garment industry and for gender equality.
  • Your purchasing power matters. We hope to inspire you to understand your purchasing power and the collective impact it can have to push the fashion industry toward progress. We want to partner with you to improve the lives of garment workers—many of whom are marginalized women living on the periphery or fully ostracized from society—one garment, accessory, or home good at a time.