Cork Collection by ONO Creations | Product Journey

ONO Creations uses innovative natural materials in their designs, hand-crafted by skilled artisans and under fair conditions. They use reclaimed materials, such as teak and banana leaves and also new materials in their pieces.

Vegan cork-tencel leather

The cork is ethically-sourced in Portugal and the tencel is OEKO-TEX certified. Harvesting the cork doesn’t harm the tree because only the bark is extracted, and it regrows within a couple years and can be harvested again. Cork forests support high levels of biodiversity and foster a great diversity of plants and endangered species. It's growth reduces three times the amount of CO2 compared to other trees. It also offers fair remuneration and a high employment rate to farmers and workers. Cork is reusable, fire and water resistant, insulating and biodegradable.


The tencel used in the outer material and the tencel thread is ethically-source from Portugal and is OEKO-TEX certified. The tencel is made primarily from eucalyptus trees. An advantage is that these trees grow on land and forest plantations, which are otherwise unusable for agriculture and do not compete with food crops. The wood for making tencel is sourced from sustainably managed tree farms, which ensure that the number of trees that are cut down are matched by new trees planted to grow back. The whole process of making the fabric is an innovative closed-loop process that turns wood pulp into fibers. This means that throughout the different steps, the use of energy and water is economized and the impact on the environment minimal. The dye is a low impact dye and also OEKO-TEX certified.


The bamboo is sourced and dyed in Bali, Indonesia. Both the fabric supplier and dyeing facility are local family owned businesses. The bamboo is certified organic based by ECOCERT. The dyeing process is a handmade plant based process which doesn’t create any harmful waste, just natural color. The waste water is filtered afterwards by local plant roots and is nontoxic for the workers. The threads are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and the threads are hand dyed from plant dye in the same workshop in Bali as the bamboo lining.

ONO Creations manufactures all of their items with individual tailors, small businesses and follow working standards aligned with ILO and the FairWear Foundation.

Return Policy

You may return your order within 14 days from the day on which you or a third party indicated by you (other than the carrier) receives the goods purchased (or last good, lot or piece if it relates to goods or multiple lots or pieces delivered separately). Unless an item is faulty, the customer will be responsible for shipping. You must inform ONO Creations of your decision to cancel your order. You may submit your request via email to shop(at)onocreations(dot)com.


We love high quality. All our materials and production processes are chosen through in-depth research and care, following our goal to set high standards of durability. Our material combinations and manufacturing processes are unique and innovative and require a constant process of learning and improvement. We are 100% dedicated to full costumer satisfaction. Therefore we offer you a worldwide one year warranty on our products. The warranty includes all manufacturing defects. Within this timeframe, repairs are on us. We either find a way to fix your product, or will replace it. No matter where you are.

We ask for your cooperation and honesty. Our warranty applies when the product is used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions, and does not apply to damages caused by typical wear and tear, unreasonable use, or neglect.If your bag is damaged, please get in touch. Together we’ll evaluate your product and find a solution to either repair or replace it within the shortest possible time. Thank you for your understanding, trust and cooperation!