Wallis Evera Materials


These fabrics are milled in China and are sustainable, biodegradable, and chosen for their comfort, shape, and durability. Hemp is the foundation fibre for all Wallis Evera products, and many of their fabrics are custom woven and dyed for them using fibre reactive low impact dyes and pre-shrunk cationic softener, which is water-soluble.


Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly fibres in existence. As a vegetable fibre (as opposed to petroleum-based fibre, which is what nylon, acrylic and polyester are), hemp is naturally biodegradable and highly renewable.

Even when compared to other eco-fibres, hemp comes out ahead. It's been called the king of eco-fibres for lots of good reasons:

* In stark contrast to cotton, hemp requires no harmful fungicides, herbicides or pesticides to grow.  

* It produces more fibre yield per acre than any other source: 250% more fibre per acre than cotton, and 600% more fibre per acre than flax (which is the plant used to make linen).

* Hemp also consumes far less energy and water than cotton during textile processing.

* Hemp fabric itself is highly durable, breathable, absorbent, and naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and ultraviolet light. 


Lyocell is a biodegradable fibre made from the cellulose of eucalyptus trees.  Eucalyptus trees are a fast-growing, renewable resource that requires low water and low pesticide inputs. The fibre requires no bleaching and the fabric drapes beautifully and is breathable, strong, and wrinkle-resistant.

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