Polo in BlueStar


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This polo is made in the U.S.A. out of recycled cotton and recycled polyester (from water bottles!). 

Allow 3 weeks for delivery


50% recycled cotton/50% recycled polyester

Size Chart

Shirt Size    Chest    

S                  34-36        

M                 38-41         

L                  42-44         

XL                46-48      


Pant Size   Waist

28               29.5

30               31.5

32               33.5

34               35.5

36               37.5

38               39.5

Product Journey

Made of recycled material, this shirt is made ethically in the U.S.A., both in regard to the workers who created them and the environment. For every 1,000 shirts Dirtball produces they keep 7,000 bottle out of landfills, 4 tons of carbon emissions out of the air, 5 barrels of oil saved and they preserve five manufacturing jobs. Of the 15 mills in their supply chain, eleven are within 100 miles of Dirtball's headquarters. The total distance their t-shirts travel from yarn to finished goods is 140 miles and average distance of 360 miles total travel distance across their product range. This significantly reduces the company's carbon footprint.


These shirts are durable. Wash and dry as you typically would. 

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